Spotify Chat

Connect with friends while listening to your favorite music

We all have that friend we share the same kind of music genres with and when our favorite song comes up in the club we give signs.
A big grin😀, high-five👋 or sometimes a big hug🤗


Spotify chat is an integration of a chat/messaging system into spotify desktop app. 

I constantly peep at my friend’s activities via the tab on the far right to see what my friends are listening to and most times I wished I could engage with them at that point.


– Desktop


– Research
– Sketches
– High-fidelity prototype
– Strategy


– Sketch
– Principle for Mac

The Idea

How might we deepen conversations and engagement among friends and music lovers with similar interest.

Assuming increasing time spent in-app (Spotify desktop) increases the opportunity to explore the app which will increase CLV.

The goal is not to become the next messaging app but there is an opportunity to grow and extend spotify’s offerings by deepening conversations among friends.

Why is this important?

Enabling messaging within app can increase engagement and further improve user satisfaction with the product.

Interaction with friends on shared interest can deepen relationship with spotify at the center enabling this.

A new way to easily share good music with friends and family.

Extend music into communities and encourage meaningful conversations.


Before I started sketching out my ideas and sharing my thoughts on how this idea should be explored. I spoke to a couple of friends using spotify to get two things from them
1. If they use the desktop app
2. If they have ever noticed the friend activity column. 

The feedback I got gave me an early signal to proceed with my exploration.

A quick research across the internet and speaking to friends about the idea. I found out YouTube launched a similar service last year (YouTube Message) as an extension of the share feature while watching a video. 

You can now find friends on YouTube, follow them, share music or video via direct message and of course you can start a conversation afterwards. 

I believe this is still very much in the MVP stages as the chat/message system is at it’s barest minimum with focus on sharing and just having conversations – no emojis or plans to replace whatsapp just an extension of SHARE. 


Next steps - assumptions

– Explore current usage of the friend’s tab area via google analytics(events and user behavior).
– Early signals to validate idea, deep-dive into analytics to figure out the addressable market.
– How many daily users interact with the Friend’s Activity side bar?
– What exactly do users do during their interaction with the side bar?
– What % of spotify users use the desktop app daily, weekly, monthly?

Extend conversations, share music

The MVP – start with a WAVE. 

After conducting my research, speaking to potential users, brainstorming with PMs and other designers. I will approach this idea by designing a minimum viable product to validate the idea.  

Spotify Wave – will allow you send a wave or a nudge to your friends

What do I want to learn from the MVP?
Qualitative validation for the new feature – Spotify Wave. 
Main metrics to track to assess feature success
– Qualitative validation
– Quantitative validation (Event tracking)
– Number of waves sent per user
– Number of waves sent in a day/weeks/month

I will iterate on the first MVP if the I get a strong positive signals from the metrics that this a feature users want to have and it will help drive the business objective, otherwise we drop it. 

Next iteration MVP 2 – Spotify Quick Chat

Spotify Quick Chat – This will slowly replace spotify wave, the quick chat feature will allow active users of spotify wave to go beyond sending a wave to actually sending a 50 character text or a voice note.

This feature will only be released to a group of users in other to validate if building a full mini-messaging system into the desktop experience would be worth the effort.

What do I want to learn from MVP 2?
– Qualitative validation of the new feature.
– Quantitative validation of the new feature
– Validate the user segment and category actively using the new feature
– Demography of the users (location, age etc)
Main metrics to track to assess feature success
– Qualitative validation
– Quantitative validation (Event tracking)
– Most used communication pattern (text or voice)

What next?

If all the signals/feedback returns positive and minimum effort is required to build this new feature into the app. I will recommend we proceed to the next phase – which is designing a prototype. I am excited about designing prototypes and exploring the power of my softwares to bring my ideas to LIVE. 

Spotify Chat –  would be introduced into the user profile in the tab area. The entry point could be from the Friend Activity area or directly from your personal profile. 

Measuring success

I will consider this feature a success if we see a rapid increase in engagement within the app, it will be interesting to learn how users would like to use the chat feature. 

This will give us a signal of how to scale or iterate on the product.