Quick Stay

Find a place nearby to stay, take a quick nap, freshen up and then hit the road

QuickStay is exploring the possibilities of renting vacant hotel rooms, office spaces, meeting rooms by the minute or hour. 




It is a marketplace that connects people and their vacant spaces during daytime hours to who customers willing to pay by the minute or hour. 

Ideally this fits well for hotels and apartments but can easily be scaled up to individual homes.


– Mobile


– Research
– Sketches
– High-fidelity prototype
– Strategy


– Invision
– Sketch
– Principle for Mac

What problem am I trying to solve?

Hotels usually have unbooked rooms and even when it’s booked check-in/check-out time varies which makes some of the rooms available in between and can be opened for a quick 30 min stay to customers that just need few minutes to take a nap. 

How might we get the rooms filled up and not leaving a large amount of inventory vacant during daytime hours?

Why is this important?

– Filling up vacant inventory during day time hours can increase the revenue made by the property.
– An opportunity to have a quick nap, freshen up before going for a meeting can increase brand equity and create a delightful experience for the customer.
– Converting daytime room availability can increase higher occupancy level of the hotel or apartment. 

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If a fast food has to throw away all the food at the end of the day, why not sell some of them at a discount

Onboarding & Discovery

With a very simple and standard on-boarding process, users can sign in to the app and discover hotels or apartment nearby with available space for them to have a quick 30min nap or just freshen up.

On mouse-over of the house icon, a quick information about the apartment is shown and a user can click through to read more about the apartment and then decide to reserve it and proceed to payment.

User can also switch between map view and list view by click the icon very close to the thumb on a mobile screen.

High-Fidelity prototype

I created the interactive prototype with Principle for Mac.